Friday, December 26, 2008

Twas the day after christmas

hiya so Christmas movies this year are not the cream of the hollywood crop.
Marly and Me- i loves me Owen Wilson and golden labs but frankly from the half hour i saw its probobly a renter.
The Spirit- Heard it was disappointing. they turn him into a complete womanizer and Samuel L. Jackson couldn't use the force to pull this one out of the swamp.
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button- Looks like a dumb plot. The guy ages backwards and falls in love with a woman and her daughter and maybe a grand-daughter. Reminds me of Hook where little Peters Wendy is an old hag.

So this years Christmas season seemed to me to be a snoozefest but guess what....NOONE CARES WHAT THEYRE SEEING!!!!! Christmas night was a 5 hour packed lobby with people wanting popcorn and soda at waaaay overused prices. ITS A RECESSION SHOW IT BY NOT SPENDING 110 DOLLARS ON POPCORN FOR YOUR FAMILY!!!!!! frankly, im irked.


Wes and Donna's Big Adventure said...

Well you're right about "Marly & Me" it probably is a renter; although I cried and Wes "sighed" through the whole movie. We did like "Valcarie" just not uplifting as a Christmas movie. What about "Seven Pounds"?
Merry Christmas

Wes and Donna's Big Adventure said...

Matt we went to see Yes Man; really thought it was funny